I specialize in offering startups and small to midsize companies a comprehensive design one-stop-shop for all their design needs. Simply put, I take off of your plate any task with a design aspect to it.

In my hands, your voice will have a clear visual identity tailored to your needs. Your brand’s message will reverberate clearly with one distinct and complete visual language from end to end on any and every product or platform. I support every visual aspect of your business, from investors’ presentations to apps, from building your brand book to the last frame of your Instagram story. Catalogs, packages, anything in your company that has an element of design - I got you.

How I do it

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Bobo Balance



Balance based fitness devices

designed for professional & at home use

"Service providers can be divided into two types: The first type (the majority) are the ones that you painstakingly explain all the details, and they will do it like automatons, incorporating your typos and all.  The second and very rare type are the ones that understand what you need better than you do, will pick up on your mistakes, and point you in the right direction. Tali belongs to the top tier of the second type."

- Eitan Merhavy

Co CEO & Co-Founder at Bo&Bo Ltd

What I love about Bobo is that their user experience is customized to different audiences who use their physical product. We created multiple applications, each with a unique look & feel, all the while keeping the brand identity intact, whether for kids or athletes.

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Novello Financial Group



A Customer-First Financial Product

Suite for CRE and beyond

"I can't thank enough the person who referred me to Tali. She is a true professional.  The fact that we are now working together on the 4th project says it all. She’s a true team player, creative, and always delivers high-quality work with a lot of care and passion. Catch her if you can :)"


- Omer Haim

CEO & Co-Founder at Novello Financial Group

I started working with the Novello team just as they started up the company and considered their brands' development plan. We came up with a branding strategy, keeping the company's sub-brands in mind. The design strategy I tailored would allow us to integrate the brand identity with future plans easily; that's why the logo can stand on its own or in variations. Thanks to this strategy, we could expand the project and work simultaneously on multiple vectors, like the website and even marketing materials.

We can start at the beginning, before you even have a logo, and build the entire branding of your business. Together, we will find the visual language that will best represent your products to your target audience.

We can also pick up in the middle and unify the visual language of all your existing products. Meaning, we’ll apply the same visual language while adapting it to the needs and features of each product. An Amazon page is very different from a banner, but in my hands, your visual identity will communicate to your clients that they are both yours.

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